Server | Know2Good

What's that? A public survival multiplayer server hosted by this very internet entity?!

You too can be part of this well established community full of rather fine individuals. All you've got to do is join, it's that simple.

Server info: Vanilla survival multiplayer, running Paper 1.16.4

Connect using the following address:

So, what else have we got to offer you?

We won't be handing out money, half-decent life advice, teleports, not even a starter kit! Well.. maybe a little life advice.

Upon joining this well maintained vanilla survival multiplayer server, you'll appear inside a cosy train cart called spawn where you're safe from harm. The lovely area surrounding it filled with shops selling bits and bobs is where shopping can be done. This is also where one can try haggle the shop owners for a better price should they be online. Outside of town, there's the vast wild wilderness inhabited by anyone brave enough to do so.

Your treasured belongings, including blocks and items, can be protected by any staff member from fellow players with possible bad intentions or pranks! Dedicated plugins assure this by logging every block and item interaction. By doing so, even unprotected areas are secure.

There are no unique or paid ranks. Everyone starts off as a 'guest', after some time of being present the 'member' rank is awarded. Do you end up being an exceptionally helpful member, you'll be offered to become a 'helper'. From there on, you can become a 'moderator' and possibly an 'administrator'.

Upholding a tiny set of rules (listed below), also known as common sense, to justify your stay is top priority. Said rules are enforced in a strict and firm manner. Nobody likes thieves, griefers and the like. These are promptly banned by our keen-eyed staff who also roll back all their actions. Once banned, it's as if they never even joined! Removed from all records, wiped from existence.

Naturally, a handful of plugins are active at all times to ensure gameplay improvements. Considering these plugins are predominantly related to the server's back end, for these most part, these do not affect your vanilla gameplay in any significant manner. Purists would consider this to be 'semi-vanilla' though.

Rule set:

• Do not grief or steal

• Respect all staff, players, buildings and environments

• Do not spam, use ALL CAPS, AFK for too long or advertise

• Do not ask for teleports, ranks, items, etc

• Do not be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc

• Do not use cheats, x-rays or exploit glitches

• Zero-tick farms are not allowed.

• Cut trees fully, don't leave canopies

Experiencing any problems? Please e-mail! Attempts will be made to solve the problem.